Now more than ever there is a growing interest in fitness and wellness programs. Maybe because our lifestyles have made us more sedentary and we need an activity to keep us moving. Or maybe because our environment and even the food that is available in the market have become unhealthy, making more people ill. Whatever it is, we say it is a good sign that people are supporting the fitness and wellness programs. More people are going to the gym, joining different fitness programs, being active in sports, or taking their time in the outdoors. Here at My Strength for Life, we truly believe in the importance of keeping one’s self fit and healthy.

We know the road to fitness is not easy. There are some members of our team who used to be obese and they share how hard it was to resist eating their favorite food which is mostly made of junk. They say you have to have the right mindset to overcome those temptations. Some of them say that there were times when they find it difficult to go to the gym and all they wanted to do was lay in bed and sleep all day. But what made them change their mind? They say to themselves that it is for their own good. If they love themselves, they will not do anything that would harm their body.

The basic reason to keep yourself fit is for you to be healthy so that you will not get sick. When you are sick, your body will suffer. But the deeper meaning to this really is that you want to live longer to be able to enjoy life and everything good that life has to offer. There are people who rely on you for their happiness so go ahead, be fit and fab!


Your way of eating is a big factor in keeping yourself fit. You should be mindful of what you eat. Experts also say that you should take note of when you eat. Lately, the low carb and intermittent fasting way of eating have been getting more popular. The low carb diet asks you to limit your carbohydrate intake within the day so say goodbye to bread, pasta, rice, root crops, most fruits, chocolates, and sweets. You should eat more protein-rich foods such as meat, eggs, and green leafy vegetables. Proponents of this way of eating say that foods rich in carbohydrates just leave you feeling hungry all the time whereas protein-rich foods make you feel full and supply you with the strength and energy that you need for the whole day. Most people who practice this way of eating combine it with intermittent fasting. This is another way of eating where there is an allotted time for feasting or eating the prescribed food and a longer time allotted for fasting to give your body the opportunity to burn the calories and stored fats. A person can choose between having one meal a day or two meals a day. The one meal a day way of eating gives you 2 hours to feast or eat as much of the recommended food as you would like to consume then for the remaining 22 hours, you fast. During fasting, you can only drink water, tea, or coffee. The two meals a day way of eating gives you 8 hours of feasting and 16 hours of fasting. Getting enough sleep during the fasting hours is also very important. Many people have sworn to the effectiveness of this way of eating especially for those trying to reduce weight. But as we always say here at My Strength for Life, choose a diet that you can really stick to, one that is suitable for your lifestyle.


Here at My Strength for Life, we are your coach towards your fitness goal. You may or may not be involved in team sports but here is a glimpse of the role that coaches play as we motivate people under our care to become the best version of themselves.

Team sport is any kind of sport that involves two or more teams playing against each other. Common examples are basketball, volleyball, baseball, football, and hockey.  A team consists of players with different personalities, abilities, energy levels, and motivation.  It is a dynamic group of individuals who are assembled together to achieve a common goal and that is to win the game.  Somehow their abilities and personalities have to blend together, allowing each one to contribute to the success of the team.  This responsibility lies on the coach.  The coach also has the challenging task of bringing together all these different personalities and turning them from merely a group of individuals into a cohesive team.  It is like giving oars to a group of people and the coach has to ensure that they are all exerting their best effort to row towards the same direction.  However, it is not always easy.  Just like a boat in any given body of water, there are challenges that make rowing demanding.  Given that there are different personalities involved, there are bound to be clashes every now and then.  It is also a challenge to manage varying levels of motivation and energy day by day.  There are diverse factors that can affect their performance – season of the year, the location of the games, personal concerns, and confidence level. Even the coach himself or herself has to deal with individual matters that may affect his or her relationship with the team or how he or she performs the job at hand. But the coach has the essential task of enabling athletes to transcend these issues and to achieve performance levels to an extent that would not be possible if the players were left in their own endeavors. That is why we need coaches so that we can be on the right track towards greatness.


Another year has started and for sure, you have set goals for yourself for this brand new year. Most people start off the year with a firm resolve on fitness goals. And it is a good thing! Shed off those unwanted fats, eat healthy and keep yourself active and fit all throughout the year.

It takes dedication and commitment to stick to your fitness goals and make it come true. And we are here for you all the way! You need a coach, a motivator, or a friend to help you through the ups and downs of keeping yourself fit. We understand the temptation, the exhaustion, and all the challenges and hindrances to keeping yourself fit. That is why we have created this website to be your fitness companion not just for this year but for all the years to come. Let us make fitness and wellness our lifetime goals.

Our team at My Strength for Life is composed of fitness coaches, gym instructors, sports and outdoor enthusiasts, and fitness buffs. We have all joined forces to help keep America fit and healthy. You don’t have enough cash to enroll yourself in the gym? Don’t worry. We have workout plans for you. You can watch our videos for instructions and demonstrations. We take videos of some of our classes so that you can join us from your own home or inside your garage door in Phoenix. This way, you do not feel that you are alone in your journey to fitness.

My Strength for Life has also come up with a book that will be your guide throughout your fitness journey. It contains important information about why and how you can keep yourself fit. We also featured motivational stories so that you know what other people have gone through to get to their present ideal weight. Our book also contains healthy and delicious recipes that you can cook so that you can stay fit without going hungry or feeling that you are depriving yourself of the good stuff. This is very practical to have so that you always have your “fitness coach” with you no matter where you are.



My Strength for Life offers fitness classes to everyone. We have a program called Fitness for Life wherein we work with you towards your holistic development. We believe that keeping yourself fit is not just a matter of physical fitness but it is also mental, social, emotional, and spiritual. Fitness is a lifestyle and we will be your guide in achieving your overall individual wellbeing. The good news is that you can still enroll in our program even if you are far away. In our Fitness for Life Distance Program, participants are assigned their personal fitness coach who will monitor them closely in their fitness journey. Your personal coach will plan your workouts and training that are geared towards your specific fitness needs. Our coaches are here for you all the time to make sure that you are in the right track in your journey to fitness and wellness.