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All about Garage Door Springs

Do you know that modern garages are the equivalent of old horse stables? But it is a rough comparison. The modern garages that we have today are fully organized, accessible, and protected through garage doors. In fact, garage doors are weighted equipment this is why garage door springs are used to make them automated. These springs aid the garage door in the opening and closing process. Modern garage doors are installed with modern security features to make your garage safe.

With the passage of time, garage door springs may become weak and eventually break which need to be replaced immediately. If you are in need of replacing a torsion spring for the garage door, hire a professional garage door technician as it is a quite dangerous project. The smooth opening and closing of the garage door are made possible with the support of torsion springs.

These springs are the most exhausted and essential parts of the overhead garage door. They have a limited life cycle so they need to be replaced after a specific period of time. Garage door spring replacement means another expensive project. To be able to save money and hassles, you have to take a look at the replacement cost first. Before doing anything, you need to learn about the uses and benefits of springs on the garage door.

There are two types of springs. One common type is the “torsion springs”. The other famous type is known as “extension springs”. Let me talk about the torsion springs. These springs are commonly used on overhead garage doors. They are found at the top of the garage door right in the center position. They support the garage doors in the opening and closing process by maintaining their balance. The average life of the torsion springs is around 10,000 operating cycles that are approximately six to seven years. Remember it does all depend on how often you use and maintain your garage door.

Every time when you operate it, the hardened steel devices on the automatic garage door will be stretched and released. Definitely, it happened all the time when you open and close the garage door, the time will come that it becomes weak and get overused. It is the right time for you to replace the broken or weak springs. If only one of the springs is damaged, you still have to replace both to make your garage door safer and functional. It is the standard operating system for the garage door because anytime soon the other spring will break down suddenly. The new spring with the old spring will decrease the operating life of garage door springs. So, it is always wise to replace both of them at the same time same cost, time, and hassles.

The garage door extension springs lift and lower the garage door through stretching principles. The expected functional life of extension springs is also evaluated at six years. There are lots of garage door springs models that you can buy online if you have decided to replace the garage door springs on your own.