Embodying Shawn’s more than two decades of leadership in strength, muscle and fitness and embracing the lessons from the collective millions of transformations both the successes and failures, Strength for Life resolves mysteries and challenges that have plagued many willing fitness enthusiasts for nearly a decade.

A husband, father of two and entrepreneur, Shawn understands the demands of family, work, and life that prevent many from making the time to cultivate their reservoir of strength. Rising to the challenge, literally reinventing fitness with a results-oriented program which enhances every aspect of your life rather than becoming your life, the Strength for Life approach is truly fitness that fits your life.

With the focus on stacking benefits, building mental and physical strength rather than just sculpting your body, Strength for Life offers the breakthrough training method Shawn has pioneered, Focus Intensity Training (F.I.T.). An “East meets West” integration of yoga, meditation and weights F.I.T. strengthens both body and mind. Drawing parallels to the eastern practices, F.I.T. has also been dubbed the “Zen of Strength” and “the yoga of dumbbells” by those who’ve experienced its elegance firsthand. It’s a powerfully engaging new way to enhance your mental focus, while boosting your training results in less time than ever.

As for Wisdom, Shawn often says, “knowledge is interesting, wisdom useful; for wisdom is knowledge through to lens of experience.”

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