Strength: The Antidote to Health

Discover why our obsession with health is weakening us, undermining our strength as a nation, bringing our health care systems to crisis and how it may very well be killing you (Page 5).

Create a New Shape to Your Body and Life

The “normal decline of life” is a myth. Learn how to stop settling for less energy, less joy, less life than you deserve. Create an S-Curve and leap “the gap” to a new shape for your life (page 13)

The Strength of Focus

Discover how a red-hot marble can forever change the way you train (page 17). What a baseball and cantaloupe can teach you about reshaping your body How swapping 5 lbs. of body fat for 1 lbs of lean muscle can shape your body smaller. (page 27)

Don’t Start Any Fitness Program Today!

Today is the wrong day to start any fitness program. Strength for Life shows you the most overlooked and most important phase to an effective transformation, what comes before the “before photo”—that can change struggle into glowing success.

The End of Dieting

How one subtle change in focus frees you from ever having to diet again (page 79).

The 10 Steps to Nutritional Freedom

10 proven, time-tested sure-fire strategies to a lifetime of nutritional freedom—eating what’s best for you because it’s what you most desire (page 85).

How to Have Your Cake and Eat it Too

Experience “15 first bites” and instantly alter your relationship with food (page 97).

The Joy of Training

Avoid the one most common mistake people make that kills their training. Hint: It’s got nothing to do with sets, reps or even exercises (page 115).

How embracing “off” can turn you “on” stronger than ever before

Discover why “the space between the notes” is essential to deeply enjoying every moment of your training (page 119). Have you ever wondered why people don’t “rush” through yoga? Phillips’ Focus Intensity Training applies flow and body-mind connection in an East meets West, yoga meets dumbbells approach to strength training.

Week 13 and Beyond: The After the “After” key to a lifetime of Strength

Why 12-week transformation programs have left people in a “spin cycle” on a road to ruin. Find out how to get out of this repetitive cycle (page 156). Readers benefit from the distilled wisdom from millions of transformations and learn how to live the transformed life

How to Craft the Perfect Fit Lifestyle for You. Never Be Out Of Shape Again!

Apply the secret of athletes to Stay Strong all year long. Create a plan that fits your life, keeping you focused, fresh and engaged all year-round, year after year no matter your fitness preference (running, biking, yoga, or…) (page 161).

Why Discipline is Not a Success Strategy for Fitness

Gain a never before shared clarity on the mechanics of motivation. See how you can transform short bursts of discipline into a perpetual stream of motivation that will last a lifetime (page 172).

Whether you’re a man or a women; tall, short, thin, curvy, or stout; whatever shape you see in the mirror, the shape of your life is in your hands. You can create a second coming, a new, leaner, stronger more confident you, rejuvenating your body, mind, and spirit with the sound, simple intelligent plan that is Strength for Life.

In contrast to the constant driving message of “less;” less weights, less energy, less food, less of you in every way, Strength for Life is about more. It’s about being more, doing more, having more energy, more time, more vitality, more confidence, more life. It’s for those who are done doing fitness and are ready to embrace being your best, lean, strong, vibrant self. Go beyond the ordinary, to an extraordinary life in every way; choose a future more brilliant than your past; choose Strength for your Life.

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