Perhaps more than any other factor, it is the mastery of your focus—which precedes the mastery of your energy—that separates the average performers from the peak performers in life. The freedom to place your focused attention where you want it, when you want it, offers a competitive advantage in a world where the average attention span is measured in seconds, not minutes.

The result is an entirely new training experience that is at once more effective, refreshing, and engaging. And while for many men and women the superior effectiveness and excellent results is satisfaction enough, the real surprise inside is F.I.T.’s impact not just on the body but on your inner stateemotionally uplifting, strengthening your awareness and presence as well as bolstering your overall well-being. As you will see, F.I.T.’s deeply enjoyable flow state will transform not only your training but the rest of your life.

As you embrace each and every chapter in Strength for Life expect to find your mind engaged, your body energized, and your spirit elevated; from the bottoms of your feet to the top of your head. If Strength for Life were a sequel it would be among the rarest of rare achievements; richer, clearer, stronger and more original than the original.

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