With over 5 million served, chances are you or someone you know has done the Body-for-Life program, perhaps even becoming one of the inspiring “before & after” success stories. If you’ve been talking to yourself about “getting back” in your best “after” shape but can’t find the time or inspiration, here’s your invitation.

Veteran fitness expert and author, Shawn Phillips offers the latest installment in the Phillips’ mission to transform our country, and rejuvenate your strength.

Strength for Life delivers “the rest of the story”, brilliantly picking up where his younger brother, Bill began nearly a decade ago. It is at once both familiar and completely fresh. An inspiring read with brilliant clarity and iconic concepts, ala the classic “Good to Great,” this is no typical fitness “to do list.” Strength for Life is a brilliant ray of light cutting a path through the “fog of fitness” that makes living a Transformed life foolproof.

As much an intelligent guide to your life at full strength as it is the beginning of a movement, Strength for Life transmits a profound message that resonates deep within. The author calls forth an inspiring vision of Strength for our country as it draws you effortlessly towards your best life.

As simple as it is effective, Strength for Life offers the first and only fully integrated body-mind program for maximum results in minimal time.

The innovative 3-Phase System amplifies the success rate while eliminating the leading causes of fitness failure. The 12-day total body reboot, activates, the 12-week training camp transforms and the innovative 12-month personalized plan: “Week 13 and Beyond” delivers you beyond health—beyond “good enough,” to a life of Strength: an abundance of health, energy and vitality to do more, have more and be more.

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