21 Truths Only Masters of The Iron Will Understand

21-truths-of-the-iron1. Training arms is the sweetest

2. Collars are for 4 plates or more. Only.

3. Functional Training makes as much sense as “non-invasive surgery”

4. Lifting weights is healthy, they say. Men who don’t lift won’t head and men who do don’t care.

5. The pump feels, as Arnold said, “like cuming.

6. Training partners are nice but always optional.

7. The sheer pain of night cramps… when you’re arms contract in a T-rex like fashion.

8. A day without a workout is way worse than a day without sunshine

9. Some of the best days in the gym are those you most wanted to skip.

10. Leg days are at once the most intimidating and rewarding.

11. Why Low-Carb is Also Known as High-Asshole Diet

12. Why we really really take creatine.

13. That Pumping Iron is one of the top 5 movies of all time.

14. What Failure really feels like.

15. How much they can really bench-and how silly that question is.

16. Who not to spot.

17. The unbearable pleasure of expanding your own strength.

18. What, “so sore you can’t sit to sh$%,” feels like.

19. That you’re never too old for the iron.

20. What Crossfit is missing that they simply don’t get.

21. What being in flow feels like.

The Iron is Personal

The iron is personal. As much as those who do not get it like to believe we do it to be impressive—to make a statement—for ego. Truth is, for most of us, that shit has fallen away long ago.

As it is for any master, what gets you going doesn’t keep you going. Just as climbing to the top is what gets people going up the mountain. He who becomes the climber discovers one day that the top is just the place to turn around.

You don’t spend 30 years in the iron because of what someone else thinks or to get “to the top.” The destination has long given way to the reps, the sets, the flow of the journey.

Yes, it’s personal but it’s not about me. It’s so much more than that.

To Your Life at Full Strength.



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