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What’s Your Question About the 21 Day SuperCharger?

Please check the Q&A’s Below to see which ones help while I get to your specific question…

Q: Can I still enjoy a beer at the pool for 21 Days?


Ah… that’s a bit of tricky question. Can you enjoy a beer at the pool? Sure? Can you do the 21 Day SuperCharger and still enjoy a beer at the pool? Well, since you asked… here goes:

The rules are the rules. I’m giving you the rules. In the name of clarity and simple success the rules are clear and unwavering. Why? Because that’s my role–to give it to you straight–the what works best. It’s not my place to start the compromise, to tell you the “good enough” way. What I know and can assure you is that no sugar and no alcohol for the short 21 Days will be your best path to success.

That said, I’m not your coach, your judge or your jury. I may be setting the rules but I’m not enforcing them. You are. So, ultimately, it’s your call. Can you get good or even great results and have a beer during the 21 days, or 3 or… ? Of course you can. I think… but maybe you’re also telling yourself a story and it’s not about “a beer” but about a keg.

What I do NOT want you doing us making excuses… using “the beer” as a reason to delay your engagement. Stop waiting for the perfect time. Step into the 21 Days NOW… and see. You may get on a roll and find the beer at the pool not so compelling after all. And then you’ll be even more stoked! And if you get into the 21 Days and have a beer… don’t tell me and I won’t tell any one.

K? OK… Go Time!

Q: Who is it for?

A: The 21-Day Summer SuperCharger,the first ever concentrated transformation system is precision engineered for one person; me. Yes, I built it for myself. (queue critical internal dialogue how)I created the 21-Day SSC to do just what its name implies–to take me from flab to firm for summer.

Summer comes whether we’re ready or not, so I took a good look at what I could really–and I mean really, really–do in terms of a commitment so clear and simple there’s no way I could not do it. Relying on my more than 20 years of creating every form of training program, I engineered a stunningly effective, skillfully compact, intensive, integrated system for creating rapid changes in the way you look and feel.

Thus, if you’re a man or woman (or anywhere in between) past your mid-20’s (or double that) and you’d like to get fitter faster; this is the 21 Day rocket booster for you.

It removes all our common limitations: time, gyms, eating, motivation, etc… The only way you can fail is to not try it.

Q: How much time will it take each day?

A: The 21-Day SuperCharger requires a commitment of 21 minutes a day. Yep. That’s it. 21 minutes. Crazy huh?

Well, to be honest–in the interest of full disclosure, some of the workouts take only 18-19 minutes on paper. But as we know, that’s paper. By the time you turn the corner, from rest to sets, to get your full :30 in both, your 19 minutes will fill the 21 easy.

So, just follow along. If you get done 20 seconds early do more. If you end up bleeding over into the 22nd minute, my full apologies. Not stop thinking about it and get to work.

Q: The 21-Day SSC meal plan recommends just two meals per day. Why is this?

A: It’s not about the meals. Be it two, four or the infamous six meals a day, the key to igniting fat burning is to keep your metabolism stoked and your blood sugar / insulin levels middle ground and stable.

Certainly we know that the 6 meals / day that Body for LIFE required is an effective way to do just this. But with the 21-Day SSC my #1 goal is success--meaning the successful completion of the program. That requires that I lower all possible barriers and make it painfully easy to do. And that we have done–between the two simple meals and two shakes, I think we’ve got the 99% covered.

Yes, you can do this.

The two meals are high protein, balanced fat with moderate carbs. This will make for a meal that sustains your appetite while keeping the insulin and blood glucose in the green zone. And you can do it.

The shakes, specifically Full Strength total nutrition shake, used between the two meals elevates this impact even further–as Full Strength has a powerful influence on satiety and stable insulin levels (as many of the diabetics using it can attest to). It’s no ordinary protein shake… this I can promise you.

Q: Do I have to use Full Strength nutrition shakes?

A:  Ah… Yes, “Have to.” One thing you’ll come to know about me, if you haven’t already figured out, is I’m allergic to “have to.” My highest purpose and commitment to you is always in the direction and service of freedom. Which means I want you to make the calls, I want you to have the absolute freedom to choose and feel strong and clear in your choice.

Now, about that “strong, clear and free,” part… that’s exactly why I don’t and can’t force you but do encourage you to enjoy the extra benefit of the Full Strength Nutrition. You see (and soon you’ll know) Full Strength is not your father’s protein shake. It’s not some muscle building supplements protein powder.

It is quite literally and intentional a life enhancing, cell-nourishing meal that synergistically up-regulates many key operating systems in your body. It sustains your energy and thwarts appetite and craving for four plus hours… but that’s not its purpose, that’s a side effect of it’s intelligent, premium quality, proprietary integrated design.

Yes, that’s a complex way of saying it’s life-performance food built with the intention and clarity of an F-1 Ferrari. But unlike the F1, it’s not made exclusively for racing. It’s life-performance food for the high speed track of life–and for the man who’s under the much more intense demands of life on top–on top of work, family, finances, future and fitness. It’s high speed cornering shows when you round the bend from home to office, from work to play.

Full Strength’s role in the 21-Day, what makes it so critical is it’s clinically proven nutrition  intentionally designed, ability to deeply nourish body and mind, and stabilize insulin levels for hours–which leads to the extended energy and elevated use of fats for fuel. Due to its high premium quality and the unique, proprietary (as in exclusive) Performance Balance Matrix, it works to outperform even the best whole food meals, providing many up to 3x the time and energy of the equal calories in foods.

It’s a true LIFE Performance Total Nutrition Shake. And I highly, strongly encourage you to feel the difference.

Q: Is the 21-Day SuperCharger program FREE?

A:  Yes, it is. It’s 100% FREE... (for now).

Why? Because I want to share something that works. I want people to get active and engaged. I want you to have a reliable, sound, effective catalyst to get you moving in the direction of the high energy, strong fit life you deserve.

Now, I want all that and let’s face it. It’s worth more than free and people tend not to value what they get for free. So, in the not to distant future it may be $21 — that’d be a very fair $1.00 a day. You can see that. Right.

Now the Full Strength nutrition shakes aren’t free but I make you a great deal on the best product in its class which is almost unfair it’s so damned good.


Q: How much does the 21-Day SuperCharger cost?

A:  That’s a really great question. See the answer about FREE above.

Easy one. Good!

Q: 21 Minutes? What kind of results can I expect?

A:  In 21 minutes you can expect to feel it–to feel pushed to a new sort of limit. To feel your muscles burn in a way that’s not cardio but not pure strength. It’s a sort of volume-training adaptation that you have to train to experience.

And it’s good for the muscles as it helps you gain new access to fuel sources, to drive great density of capillaries for blood flow. But most of all it’s igniting the use of fat in your muscles as it’s not the pure strength and when combined with the carb-controlled nutrition, you’re in a near perfect place to have the energy you need and use the fat you’d like to for training.

As for the 21-Days… I’d suggest you expect nothing. That you change your focus from training for the outcome to training for the moment. Let the results be or arrive. Play the ball where it lies–by taking each rep, each set and each session to the peak. Do the things you know to do every day. Eat the right meals, take the right shakes, train with focus and intensity… and let the results be the natural result.

It’s a complete change of focus and state. And can be a powerful experience for training you to recognize the importance of now, this moment, over the end result. We spend so much time focused on the out come that we lose the joy and punish the effectiveness of our sessions… results will come when the parts or practiced with your full focus and intention.

Be here now, in Full Strength!

Q: How does the 21-Day SuperCharger compare to your 12-Day ReBOOT?

A:   Whereas the 12-Day ReBoot is a total Transformation starter for those in a catabolic state (destructive metabolism), the 21-Day SuperCharger program is for the man or woman who’s been training, but needs a change-up in fitness regimen and nutrition.

They’re at a plateau and need to lean down for summer, a wedding, a reunion, to kick it up a notch. Shed those last 6-7-8 lbs…Their body is in an anabolic ready state (constructive metabolism) to fully take advantage of the Full Strength Nutrition and intense training.

The 21 Days takes place inside another season of training to disrupt your routine. The 12Day ReBoot precedes a 12 Week Transformation period.

The ReBoot is 12 straight days of reset: no training (just some light exercise), one daily shake, eat clean-lean-green.

The 21-Day SuperCharger is for the person who has been training, not for the faint of heart.
It’s not a reset—it’s a ready, set, go booster rocket…

The 21 day program—

  •   21 consecutive days
  •   Train 21 minutes a day; No missed days
  •   Alternate every other day strength and cardio
  •   Fuel the Training nutritionally

Strength Training:

  • 21 minutes every other day
  • 30 seconds on
  • 30 seconds off, rest
  • FULL 30 on/30 off: Stay true to the cycle, no cheating on the 30 seconds
  • Count your reps, but reps don’t count
  • Focus on the intensity with every rep. Some sets you get 8 reps, some 12; doesn’t matter—it’s nice to see where you go in the 3 weeks.
  • Follow the push/pull/legs programs in Strength for Life


  • Follow the Cardio program in Strength for Life
  • High-Intensity Interval Training HIIT for 21 Minutes every other day


  • 2 Full Strength  (or other) Nutrition Shakes a day
  • 2 to 1 protein to carbs ratio for meals
  • Eat an abundance of greens
  • Enjoy fruit in moderate amounts




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  1. PhillyDude November 27, 2013 at 10:47 am #

    Yes, I have a specific question, which is the last line of my comment above. To rephraase: What weeks would be the best place to do the 21 Day program (inside a strength season)… I am concerned if I placed it in the beginning that it would be too close to the end of the Transformation program, but don’t want to wait too long to take advantage of the start of summer!

  2. PhillyDude November 25, 2013 at 11:03 am #

    You mention that the 21 day program should be placed inside another season of training. I will be doing the 12 week Transformation in 2014, which will end on March 30. I was planning on taking a week off, then doing two weeks of Base Camp training prior to starting my next season of training (Strength). What weeks would be the best place to do the 21 day program… toward the beginning (prior to “beach season”) or later (since I will be coming out of a Transformation season)?

    • shawn_phillips November 26, 2013 at 8:21 pm #


      Basecamp is a great idea! Almost always… thanks for sharing. If you have a more specific Q… hit me. I think you handled the answers.


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